Manchester United Go From Bad To Worse

Written By: Natasha Turkington

Natasha Turkington was born and bred in Manchester, and is considered one of the team’s most prolific and knowledgeable fans of the team and soccer. Follow her on Twitter at @natashaturk.

Player reaction on a soccer field after missing a scoring opportunity against Manchester City – a frustrating moment for Manchester United.

As a lifelong Manchester United fan, the last 10 years have been difficult, to say the least. However, this season has me on the verge of checking myself into an emotional support facility.

Manchester United crashed out of the Champions League in what has been their worst campaign in the competition ever. United had never previously earned fewer than six points in the group stage, and in turn, set a new unwanted record by conceding 15 goals in their 6 games – more than any Premier League team has ever conceded in a UCL group.

Manchester United’s debut in the Champions League under manager Erik ten Hag were beaten by Bayern Munich at Old Trafford 0-1, finishing bottom of the group.

The three-time European champions needed to beat Bayern in their group stage finale Tuesday and hope for FC Copenhagen’s game against visiting Galatasaray to end in a draw.

Neither happened, as French forward Kingsley Coman slotted home from close range in the 70th minute for top-class Bayern Munich, who finished unbeaten in Group A with 16 points (with their celebrating visiting fans singing “Football’s Coming Home” as a final slap in the face to United.)

The home fans rang boos rang out at the final whistle, and who can blame them. All season there have been disappointments, multitudes of injuries, and general chaos.

To be honest, this current Manchester United team has no business being anywhere near a football competition with “Champions” in the title; the ‘so-called’ star players have been average at best in every position on the pitch. Poor mentality and performances have resulted in an obvious deterioration of culture at the football club.

There will be no European football at all for United next season due to not having enough group points to compete for the Europa League, and finishing in the top 4 of the Premier League is as likely as me marrying David Beckham.


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So, what next for Manchester United?

Having already been knocked out of the Carabao Cup, United’s only chance of silverware this season is now either the FA Cup or the Premier League *stifles laughs/sobs* United are currently 10 points adrift of league leaders Liverpool and will play Wigan in the third round of the FA Cup at the start of January.

To add insult to injury, Manchester United faces the prospect of being without 13 senior players for Sunday’s Premier League clash against their nemesis Liverpool after Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw were forced off on Tuesday night. Maguire, who has started to regain his form as of late, felt his groin go and was immediately brought off before Shaw was then taken off at half-time with a hamstring problem.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United

If ever there was a nauseating Premier League fixture for Manchester United fans, it is this one on Sunday. Not only is Liverpool currently sitting at the top of the league, but United was battered by a 7-0 humiliating defeat the last time at Anfield.

However, the barely audible, positive United fan voice in my head tells me anything is possible when bitter rivals face each other over 90 minutes of football. And in the spirit of indulging that voice, let’s look at the odds for Manchester United delivering their loyal fans a Premier League miracle (or not, which is most likely)

Manchester United win:

  • Liverpool – Manchester United draw
  • Liverpool 0 – Manchester United 1
  • Liverpool 0 – Manchester United 2
  • Liverpool 0 – Manchester United 7
  • Liverpool win
  • Liverpool 7 – Manchester United 0
  • Liverpool 8 – Manchester United 0

Whatever happens this weekend, you can bet the streets of Manchester and Liverpool will be eerily quiet, as everyone watches the clash between these two bitter rivals unfold.


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