NHL Crypto Betting

NHL Crypto Betting

Experience a new way of betting on NHL by using cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, at Bovada Sportsbook. Playing with cryptocurrency offers numerous benefits compared to traditional methods: fast-track the withdrawal and deposit processes, making everything quick, easy and highly rewarding. It allows you to access the best promotions on the market, while avoiding the pitfalls that go with the more traditional transaction methods, like credit cards.


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You can use more than just Bitcoin here too; over the years, we’ve expanded our list of accepted cryptocurrencies to include Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and more! Each of these currencies has its own advantages, which can be seen in the What Cryptocurrency is Best for Me section of the Bovada Help Center.

Crypto Betting on NHL Action

When it comes to NHL betting, there’s no better option than using crypto; you can bet on all the usual NHL odds while enjoying all of the benefits of using crypto. To get started, begin by downloading a digital wallet onto your phone from your app store and signing up for an account at a registered cryptocurrency exchange. Once you’ve purchased your first cryptocurrency, you can send it over to your Bovada account, using the address code that will appear when you follow the “Deposit Cryptocurrency” steps.

Once your cryptocurrency deposit goes through the network, it will be converted to USD when it arrives in your Bovada account. This ensures it won’t be affected by any market swings while in your account. Once you’re ready to request a withdrawal, simply select cryptocurrency as a withdrawal method, and pop in the address code of your wallet; most cryptocurrencies arrive in your wallet just one hour after the withdrawal is authorized on our end.

Since your bankroll will be in USD at Bovada, navigating the sportsbook and filling out bet slips will be easy. Simply check out the typical gamelines for any night of hockey and select the odds you want, be it spread, moneyline or totals. You can also make long-term bets, like which team will win the Stanley Cup, in the futures section of the sportsbook. Each team will appear with its own set of odds (appearing as American odds by default), which you lock down at the time of your bet. If you are already familiar with betting on hockey, doing it with a cryptocurrency will be the exact same experience, but better!


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Benefits of NHL Crypto Betting

You’re now familiar with the superior promotions that come from making a cryptocurrency deposit, but the perks extend far beyond that. Let’s take a look at the benefits of NHL betting with crypto so you know exactly why you should be using this method!

100% Guaranteed

A significant benefit of betting with crypto is the guarantee on deposits. When you use a credit card to make a deposit, there’s no guarantee that it will work, as the card issuer has the power to block transactions at their discretion. Cryptocurrencies don’t need authorization from a third party to complete a transaction. They are completed on the blockchain by miners as they cue up, resulting in guaranteed transactions every time.

Faster Transactions

When using cryptocurrency at Bovada, you can deposit and withdraw funds much faster than you can using any other method. Now you don’t have to worry about missing your chance to place a bet because the deposit has taken too long. If you use crypto, you can get your deposits in faster, meaning you can place that winning bet in time. Additionally, withdrawals are faster too. So, after having the Colorado Avalanches to win the Stanley Cup and winning your bet, with crypto you can get your winnings faster and start spending the cash sooner!

Bigger Withdrawals

Deposit and withdrawal ranges are widest when you use a cryptocurrency. For instance, deposit limits are as low as $10 and as high as $5,000 when you use a cryptocurrency. The same goes for withdrawal limits, which have no maximums when you use a cryptocurrency. You can also request withdrawals much more frequently with no fees applied on our end.


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As a side note to those depositing with cryptocurrency for the first time: be sure to take advantage of our generous Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonus (BTCSWB750) to beef up your bankroll. When you use crypto, you get a 75% match bonus for up to $750 to use in the sportsbook. It’s far superior to our standard welcome bonus of 50% for up to $250. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to sign up today so you can get started crypto betting on all the NHL action!