Super Bowl Props LV Preview

Super Bowl Props LV Preview

Points spreads, totals and moneyline wagers may get all the attention during the regular season, but for Super Bowl LV it’s all about the prop bets. There are a few reasons why betting on these types of odds is so popular. For starters, the Super Bowl is the last game left to be played, meaning bettors have just one NFL spread, moneyline and total available. This is far different than a Sunday during the regular season where they can choose from a number of NFL games. All of the hype and attention on the Super Bowl is another reason why proposition betting is so in demand, as every detail of the game is scrutinized to an incredible degree. With so much focus on every pass, tackle and score, it makes sense that people would enjoy betting on those specific scenarios. Whatever your reason is for betting on the Super Bowl, Bovada can give you all of the action you can handle with the best super bowl LV prop odds you’ll find online!

Types of Super Bowl LV Props

Whether you prefer a fast offense, a dominating defense or just enjoy watching the halftime show, there are plenty of Super Bowl LV prop odds for you to choose from on Bovada. As arguably the biggest event in sports, there is no limit to the fun and imaginative prop odds that are available for Super Bowl LV. It would take far too long to list all of the different odds available for Super Bowl LV, so here are the most popular betting categories:

  • Coin Toss Props
    All the football action begins with a coin toss, so it makes sense that it should be the same for the betting action. The proverbial question of “Heads or tails?” is obviously a 50/50 proposition in terms of odds, but with so much at stake you can’t help but get wrapped up in the excitement.
  • Player Props
    Football is a team sport, but that doesn’t mean you need to bet it that way. You can wager on the performance of your favorite NFL superstars playing in Super Bowl LV. Got a hunch that a player is going to rise up and perform well in the big game? With proposition betting, you can find value in the odds and wager on nearly any player in the game.
  • Team Props
    Another popular betting option for Super Bowl LV, team proposition bets allow you to wager on a team’s performance (excluding the final outcome of the game). With Super Bowl LV team props, you can bet on nearly any aspect of a team’s performance, like how many touchdowns scored or first downs gained.
  • Halftime Show Props
    The Super Bowl halftime show has become a global event in itself with excellent production and incredible performances by some of the world’s biggest stars. This year’s show will be performed by The Weeknd, and there are odds on a number of details such as “How many wardrobe changes will there be?” and “What will be the first song played?”
  • Gatorade Shower Props
    Showering the winning coach in Gatorade started as a fun joke but has grown into a time-honored betting tradition. Every Super Bowl, the winning head coach gets a bucket of the sports drink dumped on them and betting fans wager on what color the Gatorade will be.
  • Super Bowl MVP Props
    The Lombardi Trophy isn’t the only hardware given out after the Super Bowl, as one lucky player will be recognized as the game’s MVP and handed the Pete Rozelle Trophy. With odds available on this popular bet, you can wager on who will rise to the occasion and win the award at Super Bowl LV in Tampa.

History of Super Bowl Props

It all started back in the mid-80s during the build up to Super Bowl XX between the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots. Football fans were enamored with the way Bears head coach Mike Ditka would deploy 350-pound defensive lineman William “The Refrigerator” Perry as a running back on the goal line, having already scored three rushing touchdowns on the year. With so much hype surrounding Perry leading up to the game, Caesars Palace posted 20 to 1 odds on the enormous lineman scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

The market for Super Bowl proposition bets has grown in leaps and bounds in the years since that game, and today you can bet on nearly anything you can imagine. Countless categories have been added to the Super Bowl prop betting market, making it a fun activity for everyone involved. With the best super bowl LV prop bets at Bovada, you can turn every aspect of the game into a betting possibility!

Super Bowl LV Player Props

As we lead up to the big day, more and more proposition odds are being made available. To help get your Super Bowl betting off on the right foot, here are some of the more popular player props currently available at Bovada for Super Bowl LV:

  • Will Patrick Mahomes (KC) throw for over or under 326.5 yards?
  • Will Tom Brady (TB) throw over or under 0.5 interceptions?
  • Will Leonard Fournette (TB) rush for over or under 50.5 yards?
  • Will Tyreke Hill (KC) have over or under 6.5 receptions?
  • Will Sean Murphy-Bunting (TB) Intercept a pass?

Super Bowl LV Team Props

There are plenty of Super Bowl LV team props to wager on at Bovada, with new odds being added all the time. It pays to be strategic, so give some thought to how you plan on betting the following Super Bowl LV team props currently available at Bovada:

  • How many touchdowns will be scored by Kansas City?
  • Will Tampa Bay score a safety?
  • What will Kansas City do first, score or punt?
  • Will Tampa Bay score over or under 1.5 defensive/special teams touchdowns?
  • How many successful field goals will Tampa Bay kick in the first half?

Super Bowl LV Special Props

In addition to all of the player and team props available for Super Bowl LV, Bovada provides NFL betting fans with odds on a number of special props. These prop bets are created special for the Super Bowl each year, and will allow you to wager on a number of unusual or interesting propositions. Here are a few of the special props currently available for Super Bowl LV:

  • Will both teams score in the first quarter?
  • Will the longest penalty in the game be over or under 15.5 yards?
  • Will The Weeknd have a wardrobe change during the halftime show?
  • Which team will be the first to call a timeout?
  • Will there be a safety in the game?