Get ready for Thanksgiving football with three of the hottest teams against the spread. Here are the Week 18 power rankings for the spread, moneyline, and total.


Rank Movement Team Notes ATS Record Straight Up Total

As the NFL’s best team against the spread (12-3 ATS), the Bengals have won seven straight and appear ready for another Super Bowl run.

12-3 11-4 5-9-1

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Baltimore)

2 1

Don’t look now but the Cowboys have won six of their last seven games and still have a shot at top spot in the NFC.

10-6 12-4 9-7

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Washington)

3 1

With a nine-game win streak and a defensive unit giving up just 16.5 points per game, the 49ers are true contenders in the NFC.

10-6 12-4 8-8

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Arizona)


A popular pick among this year’s NFL betting community, the Lions are an impressive 11-5 ATS this season.

11-5 8-8 10-6

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Green Bay)

5 1

In spite of Damar Hamlin’s tragic injury, the Bills still have Super Bowl aspirations and all the pieces to get the job done.

7-7-1 12-3 5-10

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. New England)

6 1

It was a rough two weeks in Philly without Jalen Hurts but the Eagles QB should be back under center in Week 18.

8-8 13-3 10-6

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. New York Giants)


Having clinched their first playoff berth since 2016, the Giants have been a great bet this season with a 12-4 record ATS.

12-4 9-6-1 7-8-1

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Philadelphia)

8 4

The Chiefs have the NFL’s No. 1 scoring offense at 29.1 points per game and look to clinch a first-round bye against the Raiders.

5-10-1 13-3 8-8

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Las Vegas)


The Chargers have secured a Wild Card spot and surprisingly own the No. 1 pass defense in EPA/dropback allowed in second half of season.

10-5-1 10-6 5-10-1

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Denver)


They may have clinched the NFC North but Minnesota is coming off an ugly loss to the Packers as they limp into the postseason.

6-9-1 12-4 11-5

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Chicago)

11 3

This team was once 8-3 but since lost five in a row and are a longshot to make the playoffs with Tua back in concussion protocol.

8-8 8-8 8-8

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. New York Jets)

12 3

After winning four straight ATS, the Packers just need to beat Detroit Sunday night to clinch a playoff spot.

8-8 8-8 8-8

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Detroit)


Baltimore has held down the fort as Lamar Jackson deals with a knee injury, but the team needs their franchise QB healthy come playoff time.

6-9-1 10-6 4-12

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Cincinatti)

14 3

It’s been an up-and-down season for Belichick and the Patriots, but a win over Buffalo on Sunday gets them into the playoffs.

7-8-1 8-8 7-9

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Buffalo)

15 1

The Titans have lost six straight games but still have a path to the playoffs with a win over the Jags this weekend.

8-7-1 7-9 5-11

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Jacksonville)

16 2

Brady and the Bucs may have won the NFC South, but this team’s NFL-worst 4-11-1 ATS record doesn’t inspire much confidence.

4-11-1 8-8 5-11

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Atlanta)

17 2

They may be a longshot to reach the postseason, but the Steelers have made it interesting by winning five of six down the stretch.

9-6-1 8-8 6-10

WeWeek 18 NFL Odds (vs. Cleveland)

18 3

Don’t look now but the Jags have won six of eight and will lock up the AFC South with a Week 18 win over the Titans.

8-8 8-8 8-8

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Tennessee)

19 3

The NFL’s longest active playoff drought extends to 12 years as the Jets miss out on the postseason yet again.

8-8 7-9 5-11

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Miami)

20 3

After starting the season a perfect 6-0 ATS, the Falcons have struggled on both sides of the ball and covered the spread just twice.

8-8 6-10 6-10

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Tampa Bay)

21 1

The Raiders made history by blowing five double-digit second-half leads and may look to trade Derek Carr in the offseason.

8-8 6-10 8-7-1

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Kansas City)

22 2

It’s been a lost season for the Browns but things could be interesting in the Dawg Pound next year with Deshaun Watson under center.

8-8 7-9 7-8-1

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Pittsburgh)

23 2

Seattle has gone 1-7 against the spread in the second half. They need a win and a lot of help to clinch on Sunday.

7-9 8-8 8-8

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Los Angeles Rams)

24 3

Following their impressive run in the NFC South, don’t be surprised if interim head coach Steve Wilks is back in 2023.

8-8 6-10 8-8

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. New Orleans)

25 3

The Broncos gave KC all they could handle last week and will need more games like that out of Russell Wilson in 2023.

7-9 4-12 5-11

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Los Angeles Chargers)

26 3

Since earning the win in his debut, Colts head coach Jeff Saturday has gone 0-6 straight up and appears in over his head.

6-10 4-11-1 6-10

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Houston)

27 1

With nothing left to play for, the Commanders will start fifth-round pick Sam Howell at quarterback against Dallas.

7-8-1 7-8-1 5-10-1

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Dallas)

28 2

It’s been a disappointing year for the Saints but New Orleans can end the season on a four-game winning streak with a victory in Week 18.

7-9 7-9 6-10

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs.Carolina)

29 5

With JJ Watt set to retire and Kyler Murray’s health for 2023 already in doubt, head coach Kliff Kingsbury is feeling the heat in Arizona.

8-8 4-12 7-7-2

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. San Francisco)

30 1

Justin Fields is just 63 yards shy of Lamar Jackson’s single-season QB rushing record but has been ruled out for Week 18 with a hip injury.

5-10-1 3-13 10-6

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Minnesota)

31 1

Having dealt with a number of crippling injuries, the Rams set the record for most losses by defending Super Bowl champs (11).

5-9-2 5-11 6-10

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Seattle)

32 1

With just 2 wins on the campaign, the Texans have the inside track on the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

7-8-1 2-13-1 6-10

Week 18 NFL Odds (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)


*All odds are opening odds and are subject to change.



Rankings are based on team’s performance against the spread and straight up, as well as roster moves this year and strength of schedule.


ATS (Against the spread): A team’s record versus the NFL pointspread.
SU (Straight up): Essentially the win/loss record or moneyline record.
OU (Over/Under): The team’s record of either Over or Under the total score between two teams.
SOS (Strengths of Schedule): A team’s schedule difficulty based on the opponent’s record the previous season.

Our NFL power rankings are published weekly on Tuesdays but aren’t created in the standard, mainstream way. While the competition ranks teams on wins, the margin of victory, and overall talent, our rankings focus on elements that matter to bettors: the spread, moneyline, and total.

The element we consider the most is a team’s ATS record, AKA record against the spread. As the spread is the most popular bet in American sports, it’s straightforward logic to make it an essential part of our rankings. The margin of victory versus the spread is also a big part of our rankings. A team that consistently covers the spread by a wide margin will rank higher on our list.

As moneyline wagers are simply wins straight up, it’s the second element we look to when making our rankings. If a team is on a roll versus the moneyline, it’s a positive for bettors.

Last but not least is the total – AKA the combined final score of both teams. While the total won’t be taken as seriously as the spread and moneyline, it’s still a big part of NFL betting. When a team’s ATS and win/loss record are close, we look to an advantage in the OVER or UNDER to make our final rankings. Neither the OVER nor UNDER have an advantage. It simply comes down to whichever total is more consistent.

Team talent is taken into account and just like any other power rankings. We’re going to give a superstar like Tom Brady a long leash before burying his team in the rankings. That said, you can be the worst team in football, but if your ATS record is dominant, you’ll rank high.


You won’t find another sport that meshes with betting better than the NFL. For most games on one day, a conservative 17-game season ensures maximum effort every game, and unlike some sports, it has general win margins of three, seven, and 10.



The most important NFL wager is the point spread or the spread. These NFL odds are created in vegas and are followed by most sportsbooks both online and off.

Here’s how a spread would look at Bovada:
– Detroit Lions +10 (-105)
– Tampa Bay Buccaneers -10 (-115)

The spread in this game is 10. Tampa Bay is the favorite, while Detroit is the underdog. Essentially, the Buccaneers have to win by more than 10 points for this wager to be a win. Meanwhile, the Lions can lose by up to 10 for their wager to be a win.

If Tampa wins by 10, the wager is a push, and your money is returned.

The numbers in brackets beside the spread are the “juice” attached to the bet. Essentially, it’s the commission for a bookie hosting your wagers and the amount of money you have to risk to win $100. You can bet any amount you want, and the odds will adjust accordingly.

If you’re betting on Tampa, you must bet $115 to win $100. If you want the Lions, you must bet $105 to win $100. Besides the spread, the juice is a way that oddsmakers balance action. If they see most of the action on Tampa Bay, they may shift the juice first to ensure bets are being placed easily.

The point for oddsmakers in sports betting is to balance action, so the juice in the middle guarantees a profit.


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How to Place NFL Parlays

Now that you know how it all works, you can start placing NFL singles right away. Or, you can risk more to win more with NFL parlays! NFL parlays are combination bets that allow you to combine up to 14 bets – whether it’s the spread, moneyline, or total – to make one giant jackpot bet! We’ve seen $5 14-team parlays with a potential to pay out $10,000 in one shot. The only issue is if one of your 14 wagers lose, the whole bet is a loss.

That’s right, it’s all or nothing. The juice attached to each bet is also a factor in how much you get paid. Either way, it’s an exciting way to watch NFL games, especially if you’re parlay is close to hitting!