NFL Power Rankings Week 9

NFL Power Rankings - Week 9

Bovada NFL Power Rankings Week 9

Week 9 means the second half of NFL season has arrived, and so have the Bovada Power Rankings – letting you know which teams have the best shot at winning Super Bowl 55.

This week saw the Miami Dolphins continue their move up the rankings, while their division rival New England Patriots are looking shaky in the post-Tom Brady era.

In the NFC, Seattle is still looking strong while it’s Brady himself who’s taking the Buccaneers all the way to the Top 3 in our rankings.

Who’s your pick to take it all this season?

#1 – The Kansas City Chiefs (7-1) +333
Dominating the Jets last weekend, KC looked sharp and they still hold on to the top spot in the power rankings.

#2– Pittsburgh Steelers (7-0) +500
As the lone undefeated team in the league, the Steelers are a virtual lock for the playoffs. They jump into 2nd spot this week.

#3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2) +550
Brady and Gronk are seasoned playoff vets and they’ll be ready for the second half of the season.


#4 – Seattle Seahawks (6-1) +750
The Seahawks are flying high with the #1 points-for in the NFL. And DK Metcalf is just getting started.

#5 – Baltimore Ravens (5-2) +900
A big loss to Pittsburgh last weekend should be quickly forgotten as they face the cupcake Cowboys next.

#6 – Green Bay Packers (5-2) +1200
The Packers looked flat in a loss to the Vikings last weekend, but they still have too much talent for the oddsmakers to ignore.

#7 – New Orleans Saints (5-2) +1500
Four out of the Saints five wins have been by 6 points or less – a sign of a winner or a team that keeps getting lucky?

#8 – Buffalo Bills  (6-2) +2000
They’re still the team to beat in the AFC East, but there’s a tough test against Seattle up next.

#9 – Tennessee Titans (5-2) +2200
Two losses in a row and the Titans are looking a little less powerful. They’ll need to step it up to compete with the AFC’s top teams.

#10 – Los Angeles Rams (5-3) +2400
The Rams are one of the biggest question marks in the league as we head into the second half of the sked – which team will show up each week?

NFL Power Rankings Full List - Week 9

#11 – Arizona Cardinals (5-2) +2500
In this season like no other, Arizona might be hitting its stride. But at least two coronavirus tests this week may slow them down a bit.

#12 – Indianapolis Colts (5-2) +2500
A convincing win over the Lions has the Colts still in a solid spot for a second half season run.

#13 – San Francisco 49ers (4-4) +3000
Injuries have played a part in the Niners’ so-so first half, and some fresh ones to Kittle and Jimmy G could make the rest of the year a challenge too.

#14 – Philadelphia Eagles (2-4-1) +4500
Alone atop the NFC East sounds glamorous, but the Eagles need better decision-making from their QB Carson Wentz.

#15 – Chicago Bears (5-3) +5000
Nick Foles almost pulled off another last-minute win last weekend, but overall the up-and-down Bears need to string some wins together for a postseason shot.

#16 –  Las Vegas Raiders (4-3) +6000
Their D finally showed up last weekend and only gave up 6 points. They’re up two spots in this week’s power rankings.

#17 – Miami Dolphins (4-3) +6600
Tua didn’t pass for many yards but still got the W in his first start last weekend, and this Dolphins team is energized.

#18 – Cleveland Browns (5-3) +7500
Baker Mayfield managed just over 100 yards passing last weekend – maybe he’s missing OBJ?

#19 – New England Patriots (2-5) +8000
Costly plays by Cam are seeing the Pats’ postseason hopes sliding away. They’re only ahead of the Jets in their own division.

#20 – Detroit Lions (3-4) +12500
The Lions have lost some close ones, but they can also get blown out too. Tough for oddsmakers to know which team will show up each week.

#21 – Minnesota Vikings (2-5) +12500
Dalvin Cook = beast. He can win some games on his own for the Vikings, who are up 5 spots this week.

#22 – Los Angeles Chargers (2-5) +15000
The average margin in the Chargers’ five losses this season is 3 points. They could still make some noise with just a few more plays going their way.

#23 – Washington Football Team (2-5) +15000
Both their wins have come against NFC East opponents, and they’ve got the New York Giants in their sights this weekend.

#24 – Atlanta Falcons (2-6) +20000
New coach Raheem Morris has led the Falcons to two wins in 3 games. They’re not out of the race just yet.

#25 – Carolina Panthers (3-5) +20000
A lackluster Thursday nightery pushed the Panthers back down the power rankings. Does Teddy Bridgewater have enough to bounce back?

#26 – Dallas Cowboys (2-5) +20000
Continuing their slide, with a 3rd-string QB and low morale, will the proud Cowboys still play for respect for the franchise?

#27 – Denver Broncos (3-4) +25000
Drew Lock keeps showing signs of being a top QB, and he has the Broncos trotting up the rankings this week.

#28 – Houston Texans (1-6) +30000
Morale is low in Houston, and some key players are being tossed around as trade bait. A soft remaining schedule might ease some pains though.

#29 – Cincinnati Bengals (2-5-1) +75000
Every week, we write about Joe Burrow, and for good reason. This past weekend he just hung 31 points on the Titans.

#30 – New York Giants (1-7) +75000
They’ve lost their last two games by a total of 3 points. And they’re not out of it in the race for the NFC East crown.

#31 – Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6) +150000
A rookie sixth-round pick is starting at QB this weekend, and the Jags are allowing 31 points per game. Enough said.

#32 – New York Jets (0-8) +250000
The Trevor Lawrence watch picked up steam this week, as the Clemson QB said he’ll likely go pro. Good news in a dark year for the Jets.

Keep an eye out for those middle of the pack teams too, with longer odds but a lot of room to move up the rankings. Teams like Arizona, Las Vegas, and even Minnesota have to talent to make a big push.

As the weather turns colder for many football fans, there’s no better time to hibernate as we watch the NFL season unfold.