NFL Power Rankings Week 7

NFL Power Rankings - Week 7


Which teams have the best odds to win Super Bowl 55? Which ones need a miracle? We break it all down in our weekly Power Rankings here at Bovada.

This week we saw some unbeaten teams like the Packers and Bills go down pretty hard against tough opponents, which might spell trouble come playoff time.

But the top dogs aren’t completely dominating either, as the Chiefs and Ravens both won close games and are not undefeated.

It’s still a wide-open race to the Super Bowl – let’s check out how every team is looking as we head into Week 7.

#1 – The Kansas City Chiefs (5-1) +350
In a wet and windy Monday nighter, KC showed the Bills who’s the boss in the AFC.

#2 – Baltimore Ravens (5-1) +550
A tough win against the Eagles keeps the Ravens in the number 2 spot.

#3 – Seattle Seahawks (5-0) +700
They’re coming off a bye to face a Cardinals defense that’s #2 in the NFL – can Russ keep shredding secondaries?

#4– Pittsburgh Steelers (5-0) +900
Big Ben and the Steelers keep rolling, with great receivers and the league’s third-best defense. They’re built for playoff football.

#5 – Green Bay Packers (4-1) +900
Brady beat Rodgers badly in a battle of Hall of Famers, so look for Aaron to be extra motivated to get the Pack back on track.

#6 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) +1100
Brady put on a display against Green Bay, and the Bucs’ defense is no joke either. They could be on a real upswing.

#7 – New Orleans Saints (3-2) +1200
Coming off a bye, Brees should be rested as the Saints still look to find their groove as a top team in the NFC.

#8– Tennessee Titans (5-0) +1500
Ryan Tannehill has a top-3 QB rating and Derrick Henry is the league’s top RB. The Titans are tough to top.

#9 – Buffalo Bills  (4-2) +1800
Two losses in a row and suddenly the Bills look quite beatable. See If Josh Allen can settle down and get back into a groove.

#10 – Los Angeles Rams (4-2) +2200
Jared Goff needs to be more consistent, but with Aaron Donald and the rest of the D, the Rams always have a shot.

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#11 – Chicago Bears (5-1) +3000
The biggest mover this week, the Bears find a way to win to close games as Nick Foles just puts up W’s.

#12 – San Francisco 49ers (3-3) +3000
The Niner got a nice power rankings bump as a healthier Jimmy G looked better and George Kittle continues to dominate.

#13 – Indianapolis Colts (4-2) +3300
This up and down Colts team keeps oddsmakers guessing as to which team will show up each week.

#14 – Arizona Cardinals (4-2) +4000
The Cardinals defense is nasty, but they’re facing a tough test against Russell Wilson this weekend.

#15 – New England Patriots (2-3) +4000
Cam looked shaky in a loss to Denver last weekend. With another week of practice after his absence can he handle the 49ers?

#16 –  Las Vegas Raiders (3-2) +4500
Derek Carr has a higher QB rating than 30 other QBs, but he’s facing the GOAT this weekend when they host the Bucs.

#17 – Cleveland Browns (4-2) +5000
Taking a big step back, Cleveland got crushed last weekend and oddsmakers are still wary of this up and down squad.

#18 – Dallas Cowboys (2-4) +6600
The Cowboys are the league’s worst in points allowed, and with Dak out at QB, will they be able to turn things around?

#19 – Philadelphia Eagles (1-4-1) +6600
Philly can’t seem to find consistency on offense but they can still contend for the top of the weak NFC East.

#20 – Carolina Panthers (3-3) +10000
Teddy Bridgewater cooled off a little last weekend against the Bears – can he bounce back and keep the Panthers in contention?

#21 – Denver Broncos (2-3) +12500
The Broncos go up against the Chiefs next week after a solid win against the Pats – can Drew Lock be the key?

#22 – Miami Dolphins (3-3) +12500
Tua got a couple of snaps, Fitzmagic is still the number 1 QB, and the Fins are still the lowest-ranked team that nobody wants to play.

#23 – Detroit Lions (2-3) +12500
Detroit roared against the Jaguars and they face the Falcons next – this nice soft sked is keeping them in the picture.

#24 – Los Angeles Chargers (1-4) +15000
Coming off a bye week, Justin Herbert has had more time to study and the Chargers might start finally winning the close games.

#25 – Minnesota Vikings (1-5) +15000
The season might be slipping away for the Vikes after giving up 40 to the Falcons. But they have more talent than their record suggests.

#26 – Atlanta Falcons (1-5) +25000
The Falcons just picked up their first win of the season, and they can always put points on the board.

#27 – Houston Texans (1-5) +25000
After a W two weeks ago, the Texans showed fight but came up short again, and new (old) coach Crennel is already facing questions.

#28 – Cincinnati Bengals (1-4-1) +60000
Burrow built a 21-point lead last weekend but the D couldn’t contain the Colts. Future’s still bright for the rookie QB though.

#29 – New York Giants (1-5) +60000
The Giants picked up their first win of the season, albeit by one point over Washington. Still, they can play teams tough.

#30 – Washington Football Team (1-5) +60000
Two division matchups ahead in the next two weeks, and they could actually still contend in the NFC Least.

#31 – Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) +75000
In a battle of the big cats, they got beat pretty soundly by the Lions. Is Minshew Mania still in their future?

#32 – New York Jets (0-6) +150000
The Jets stayed grounded with a shutout loss to Miami. Look for a shakeup in coaching and maybe even at QB.

The middle ground teams still have time to make some moves as we’re getting closer to the halfway mark of the season.

Keep an eye on Bovada’s Power Rankings to see if teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Las Vegas Raiders can make a real push and improve their odds of winning Super Bowl 55.