NFL Power Rankings Week 6

NFL Power Rankings Week 6


Bovada’s Power Rankings give you the straight goods every week, so you can see who’s got the best odds to win Super Bowl 55.

Heading into Week 6 of the NFL season, the rankings are getting a little tighter at the top, with the Chiefs showing some vulnerability and teams like the Titans and Steelers continuing to rack up the wins.

Has your Super Bowl pick changed since Week 1?

#1 – The Kansas City Chiefs (4-1) +400
A bit of a hiccup against the Raiders, but KC is still the team to beat according to the oddsmakers.

#2 – Baltimore Ravens (4-1) +500
The Ravens’ D is scary, holding teams to an average of a league-low 15 points per game.  They should remain a force deep into January.

#3 – Seattle Seahawks (4-1) +650
They’re heading into a bye after a nail biter last week, but Russ is ready to cook anytime.

#4 – Green Bay Packers (4-0) +800
Their O is on fire and Rodgers has tons of postseason experience, so Super Bowl 55 is in the picture.

#5 – New Orleans Saints (3-2) +1100
Their OT win against the Chargers didn’t move the needle – they’ll need to show more consistency to go deep into the playoffs.

#6– Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0) +1200
Oh Canada! Canadian WR Chase Claypool is lighting up the league and the Steelers don’t have many weak spots.

#7 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) +1600
Brady got beat by the Bears, but they’re still a solid Bowl bet according to Bovada.

#8– Tennessee Titans (4-0) +1600
Remember the Titans? They didn’t miss a beat after their Covid scare, and they’re still undefeated.

#9 – Buffalo Bills  (4-1) +1600
A tough Titans team handed the Bills their first loss, but Buffalo is still a top 10 team in the power rankings.

#10 – Los Angeles Rams (4-1) +1600
Aaron Donald is a sack machine and he makes life tough for any QB – can the Rams ride him all the way to SB 55?

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#11 – Indianapolis Colts (3-2) +2800
After hitting the top 10 in last week’s power rankings, the Colts just got tamed by the Browns.

#12 – New England Patriots (2-2) +2800
Cam should be back against Denver this week, and the Pats might have reason to be optimistic again.

#13 – Cleveland Browns (4-1) +3000
The Browns are first in the league in rushing, which could be a big bonus when the playoffs arrive.

#14 – Dallas Cowboys (2-3) +4000
Dak’s injury is huge, but if their defense shows up, backup QB Andy Dalton can still get the Cowboys going.

#15 –  Las Vegas Raiders (3-2) +4500
What happens in Vegas? A huge W over Kansas City puts the Raiders way higher in our power rankings – can they keep it up?

#16 – San Francisco 49ers (2-3) +4500
Jimmy G looked rusty in a huge loss to the Dolphins. The Niners are slipping but they still have tons of talent.

#17 – Arizona Cardinals (3-2) +5000
The Cardinals beat up on the Jets last weekend, but can they keep up the momentum against tougher teams?

#18 – Chicago Bears (4-1) +5000
Nick Foles always finds a way. He just does. But the Bears are the lowest-ranked 4-1 team by far.

#19 – Philadelphia Eagles (1-3-1) +6600
Baltimore rolls into town next but the Eagles are tough at home. They still have a shot in the NFC East.

#20 – Carolina Panthers (3-2) +7500
The Panthers have won 3 straight on the strength of the league’s 5th best passing game. Just wait till CMC comes back.

#21 – Minnesota Vikings (1-4) +10000
Two of their losses have been by 1 point, so they’re a tougher matchup than their record shows.

#22 – Los Angeles Chargers (1-4) +12500
They’ve lost 4 straight but only by an average of 4.5 points a game. Herbert’s heroics will turn them around soon enough.

#23 – Houston Texans (1-4) +12500
Finally a W last weekend. Can the Texans still make something of this season?

#24 – Denver Broncos (1-3) +20000
Denver faces the Patriots and Chiefs in their next two games. Can they rise to the challenge and make a run?

#25 – Detroit Lions (1-3) +20000
Detroit’s shown good signs this season, and is 4th in the league in points against, but they’ll need put some W’s together fast.

#26 – Miami Dolphins (2-3) +40000
A 43-point outburst last weekend has the Fins looking like a contender in the AFC East. Do they deserve a higher ranking?

#27 – Atlanta Falcons (0-5) +30000
What started as a couple of close losses has turned into a rough season for Atlanta. Matt Ryan needs to turn back the clock.

#28 – Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1) +40000
Seven sacks had Joe Burrow feeling rough as the Bengals just dropped another one. They need to protect their star QB better.

#29 – Washington Football Team (1-4) +40000
They’ve got 3 consecutive division matchups ahead. Can they climb back to rankings respectability?

#30 – Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) +50000
Three straight weeks of winnable games are coming up – can the Jags climb to .500 and keep their dreams alive?

#31 – New York Giants (0-5) +60000
No movement for the Giants this week, but they showed plenty of fight in a loss to the Cowboys.

#32 – New York Jets (0-5) +100000
With Le’Veon leavin’, can the Jets catch a morale boost and get out of the power rankings basement?

With the schedule being shuffled for at least eight teams so far, the NFL’s weekly matchups are even more unpredictable than ever.

Good thing the oddsmakers at Bovada are working overtime to deliver the Super Bowl Power Rankings week after week to make sense of it all.

Hut hut!