NFL Power Rankings Week 4

NFL Power Ranking - Week 4

Bovada NFL Power Rankings Week 4

NFL Week 4 is coming up, and things are becoming clearer as we start to see the contenders and the pretenders.

The storylines are all over the place, from surprising teams like the Bears and Titans, and old QB’s still slinging it as Brady and Rodgers keep getting it done.

Let’s check out Bovada’s Power Rankings for Week 4, along with the odds for every NFL team to win it all at Super Bowl 55.

#1 – The Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) +375
The Chiefs look like a top contender again. Mahomes looks unstoppable, and KC’s defense is no joke either.

#2 – Baltimore Ravens (2-0) +650
The Ravens had an off night in Week 3 but look for them to come back strong.

#3 – Seattle Seahawks (3-0) +900
All Russell Wilson does is throw TD’s and win games. Seattle is looking solid.

#4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) +1100
Tom Brady is part of the old boys’ club of older QB’s that aren’t slipping much. Can he maintain it all season long?

#5 – Green Bay Packers (3-0) +1200
Aaron Rodgers has the skill and the experience to take the Pack pretty far. How far remains to be seen.

#6 – San Francisco 49ers (2-1) +1400
Nick Mullens was impressive against the Giants in a backup role. Can he keep it up against stiffer competition?

#7 – New Orleans Saints (1-2) +1400
Drew Brees is starting to show his age but Alvin Kamara can boost any team’s offense.

#8 – Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) +1600
No trouble against the Texans last week – it looks like the Steelers could fly under the radar deep into the postseason.

#9 – Buffalo Bills  (3-0) +1600
They just won a wild one against the Rams to remain atop the AFC East, as Josh Allen keeps finding ways to get it done.

#10 – New England Patriots (2-1) +1800
Last season they strolled through an easy schedule. Can Newtown navigate them through a tougher test this year?

NFL Power Ranking Table - Week 4#11 – Dallas Cowboys (1-2) +2200
Giving up 35+ points in their last 2 games, the Cowboys need to tighten things up if they want a shot at the big game.

#12 – Tennessee Titans (3-0) +2200
Tannehill and team are still undefeated, after winning a squeaker against the lowly Vikings.

#13 – Indianapolis Colts (2-1) +2200
Tough to get a read on this Colts squad so far. QB Phillip Rivers has looked decent, but they’ve played a soft sked so far.

#14 – Arizona Cardinals (2-1) +2500
Kyler Murray just had his first shaky performance in the Cards’ loss to Detroit. We’ll see if it’s a trend or if he bounces back fast.

#15 – Los Angeles Rams (2-1) +2500
They just lost a close one to Bills, but should have an easier time against the Giants this week.

#16 – Chicago Bears (3-0) +3300
Nick Foles stepped up to lead the Bears to victory. He’s definitely had Super Bowl success in the past, so oddsmakers are paying attention.

#17 – Cleveland Browns (2-1) +4000
Has Baker gotten his groove back, or have the Browns just feasted on some lesser opponents the past two weeks?

#18 –  Las Vegas Raiders (2-1) +4500
Derek Carr has the tools to win some games, but we’re not yet sure if they’ve got postseason power.

#19 – Los Angeles Chargers (1-2) +6600
The second straight 300+ yard performance by Justin Herbert wasn’t enough to get the W, but he looks like a game-changer.

#20 – Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1) +6600
A tie against the Bengals last week didn’t help their odds. The season is already up in the air for the Eagles.

#21 – Minnesota Vikings (0-3) +6600
The ship might have sailed for the Vikings this season, unless Kirk Cousins can tighten up his game.

#22 – Detroit Lions (1-2) +8000
The Lions finally showed their teeth in getting their first win in 11 games. Next week could see them back at .500, with a soft schedule ahead.

#23 – Houston Texans (0-3) +10000
They might be the most surprising disappointment of the league, but if anyone can get the team going in the right direction, it’s Deshaun Watson.

#24 – Atlanta Falcons (0-3) +12500
They’ve lost their last two games by a total of 5 points, so their odds might improve with a W or two.

#25 – Carolina Panthers (1-2) +15000
Carolina just put up their first W to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive, moving up three spots from last week.

#26 – Denver Broncos (0-3) +17500
Injuries continue to hamper the Broncos, who can improve with a bit of luck in the health department.

#27 – Miami Dolphins (1-2) +17500
Fitzmagic still has some tricks up his sleeve, and these Dolphins are not a pushover anymore.

#28 – Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) +17500
The Jags took a pounding against the Dolphins after a decent start to the season – are they going to pounce back?

#29 – Washington Football Team (1-2) +17500
Tough times for Washington as Chase Young is injured and they’ve got Lamar and the Ravens up next.

#30 – Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1) +20000
Joe Burrow continues an impressive rookie campaign and the Bengals can put up a fight. Oddsmakers are not impressed yet however.

#31 – New York Giants (0-3) +25000
The 49ers exposed the Giants’ big weaknesses on both side of the ball in Week 3 – is a coaching change coming?

#32 – New York Jets (0-3) +25000
Sam Darnold hasn’t lived up to the promise since his rookie year, and the Jets will need him if they want to climb out of the cellar.

This is the first-quarter mark of the season, and teams that are poised to make a real run at the Lombardi Trophy are already showing their true colors.

But there’s still time for some middle-of-the-pack teams with long odds to turn it around and make things interesting.

Bovada’s Power Rankings show you which teams might be worth paying attention to as we all power our way to Super Bowl 55.

Odds as of Sept. 29, 2020

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