NFL Power Rankings Week 3

NFL Power Rankings - Week 3

Bovada NFL Power Rankings Week 3

The league is hitting its stride after two weeks and many teams look like they’re already in mid-season form. But key injuries might impact several teams’ fortunes.

We saw the Los Angeles Rams take a big leap in our list after Week 2, and the Arizona Cardinals might be for real too.

How does this translate into every team’s chances of winning Super Bowl 55? Let’s check out Bovada’s Power Rankings for Week 3, along with the odds for every NFL team.

#1 – Baltimore Ravens (2-0) +450
The Ravens take over the top spot after another dominant game on both sides of the ball.

#2 – The Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) +450
No panic, but it was a bit of a tight squeeze last weekend against the LA Chargers.

#3 – Seattle Seahawks (2-0) +900
They shaved 600 points from last week’s odds, mainly because Russell Wilson is already looking like the MVP.

#4 – New Orleans Saints (1-1) +1000
After a Monday night loss to the Raiders, the Saints slipped from the top 3 and will miss WR Michael Thomas for several weeks.

#5 – San Francisco 49ers (1-1) +1400
They just beat up the lowly Jets, but can they handle injuries to Bosa and Jimmy G?

#6 – Green Bay Packers (2-0) +1600
Aaron Jones might be the most underrated player in the game. We’ll see if the Saints D got the memo this weekend.
#7 – Dallas Cowboys (1-1) +1600
After a miracle comeback in Week 2, the ‘Boys will be in tough against a strong Seattle squad.

#8 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) +1600
Tom Brady turned it around after a rough debut, and the Bucs could be on the upswing.

#9 – Buffalo Bills  (2-0) +1800
Josh Allen leads the NFL’s #1 passing offense heading into a tough matchup against the Rams.

#10 – Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) +1800
Big Ben has 5 TD’s this year already and the Steelers are facing an 0-2 Texans team that has given up 67 points so far.

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#11 – New England Patriots (1-1) +2000
Cam almost brought the Pats back in Week 2, but they’re just another .500 team now.

#12 – Arizona Cardinals (2-0) +2200
Another strong performance by sophomore QB Kyler Murray and the Cards might crack the top 10 soon.

#13 – Tennessee Titans (2-0) +2400
The undefeated Titans face a Minnesota team that can’t seem to get it together. Could Tennessee be a contender?

#14 – Los Angeles Rams (2-0) +2500
The Rams hit the road for the first time, leaving their comfy $5B new home to face the 2-0 Bills.

#15 – Indianapolis Colts (1-1) +2800
QB Phillip Rivers showed he has lots left in his arm in a Week 2 win – and the Jets could be a breeze with Le’Veon Bell still out.

#16 –  Las Vegas Raiders (2-0) +4000
Impressive Monday Night Football win moves them up 4 spots in our Power Rankings. Are they worth the gamble to go all the way?

#17 – Cleveland Browns (1-1) +4500
Big movers this week, the Browns are looking to keep it rolling. Have Baker and OBJ finally hit their groove?

#18 – Chicago Bears (2-0) +4500
The Bears still have long odds to make it Super Bowl 55, despite a 2-0 record. Let’s see how their 27th-place D does against ATL’s #2 passing offense.

#19 – Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) +5000
Carson Wentz says the Eagles will be “okay”. With 4 INTs and an 0-2 record, he’ll need to turn things around fast.

#20 – Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) +5500
Rookie QB Justin Herbert almost helped LA pull off a huge upset over the Chiefs. Can we expect more magic against Carolina?

#21 – Minnesota Vikings (0-2) +6600
Slipping each week since the preseason power rankings, the Vikes might be in tough against Tannehill’s Tennessee.

#22 – Atlanta Falcons (0-2) +8000
Heartbreak city last weekend for the Falcons, who have the talent to move up the power rankings, but they need to do it ASAP.

#23 – Houston Texans (0-2) +10000
Deshaun Watson’s team is facing an uphill team against pumped-up Pittsburgh. Can they salvage their season in Steeltown?

#24 – Denver Broncos (0-2) +12500
Tough breaks for the Broncos, losing Lock and Sutton. They’ll need something big to beat the Bucs in Week 3.

#25 – Detroit Lions (0-2) +12500
After a near-win in Week 1, the Lions got doubled up by the Pack in Week 2. Which Detroit team will emerge this season?

#26 – Washington Football Team (1-1) +15000
Washington’s #24 run defense is going up against powerful Nick Chubb and Cleveland’s #2 run attack.

#27 – Carolina Panthers (0-2) +20000
Carolina lost Christian McCaffrey for the next month. Can they get back on the prowl somehow against the Chargers?

#28 – Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) +20000
Joe Burrow tossed 3 TD’s last week in a close game. The low-flying Eagles might provide perfect prey for Cincy this weekend.

#29 – Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) +20000
Despite Gardner Minshew’s performances, oddsmakers are not giving the Jags much of a shot. Can they ever move up the rankings?

#30 – Miami Dolphins (0-2) +20000
Some say the Fins tanked for Tua last year. They got him. Will they put him in this week against the Jags?

#31 – New York Giants (0-2) +20000
Rough weekend for RB Saquon Barkley – torn ACL. Danny Dimes will have to shoulder a bigger load next in Week 3.

#32 – New York Jets (0-2) +20000
Still stuck at the bottom of our Power Rankings, the Jets will need more from QB Sam Darnold to move higher this season.

Only five teams in NFL history have made the playoffs after starting the season 0-3, so this is a pivotal weekend for all the teams looking for their first win of the season in Week 3.

And just like every week of the 2020 NFL season, Bovada’s Power Rankings will show you which teams might just get it done.

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