NFL Power Rankings Week 13

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

Bovada NFL Power Rankings for Week 13

Super Bowl 55 is just over two months away, and we’ve got the current Power Rankings to show you which teams have the best odds to walk away with the Lombardi Trophy.

The Packers looked strong and moved up the list with the ageless Aaron Rodgers, while the Titans are surging again in the AFC.

Thanksgiving may be over, but there’s lots of football still on the menu. Dig in!

#1 – The Kansas City Chiefs (10-1) +250
Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes. That is all.

#2– Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0) +500
Lamar and the Ravens are still waiting to see if they can halt the Steelers’ streak. Either way, Pittsburgh will be a force in the playoffs

#3 – New Orleans Saints (9-2) +550
Taysom Hill had a second straight week of solid play. Oddsmakers are liking his performance too – so the Saints stay in the top 3.

#4 – Seattle Seahawks (8-3) +800
DK Metcalf is proving to be the go-to guy and Russ has the experience to lead the Seahawks deep into the postseason.

#5 – Green Bay Packers (8-3) +950
Green Bay should feast on Philly this weekend, as the Packers aim to close in on locking up their division and Rodgers looks to Tampa in February.

#6 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) +1500
They’ve lost 5 games, including 3 out of their last 4. Tampa must be riding Brady’s reputation to get such treatment from the oddsmakers.

#7 – Los Angeles Rams (7-4) +1600
Can Aaron Donald and the Rams’ D keep Kyler Murray in check this weekend? Their NFC West hopes just might depend on it.

#8 – Tennessee Titans (8-3) +1800
After a rough mid-season patch, the Titans and Derrick Henry look like a surefire postseason squad, with a pretty soft sked to close out the season too.

#9 – Buffalo Bills  (8-3) +2200
The Bills are normally reliant on Josh Allen to carry the offense, but Devin Singletary can get it done on the ground – good for these chilly months in Buffalo.

#10 – Indianapolis Colts (7-4) +2400
The Colts defense is depleted, and teams can run on them. Their playoff chances might rest on Phillip Rivers’ arm.

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

#11 – Baltimore Ravens (6-4) +2500
The Ravens have the league’s weakest passing game, and teams are figuring out how to contain Lamar Jackson.

#12 – Arizona Cardinals (6-5) +4000
Teams have started blitzing Kyler Murray more, and the young QB is having a tougher time with it. Does he have enough in his arsenal to get the Cards into a wildcard spot?

#13 – Cleveland Browns (8-3) +5500
A better game by Baker Mayfield and they still only managed to squeak past the Jags last weekend. Playoffs will be a whole different ballgame.

#14 – Miami Dolphins (7-4) +5500
The Dolphins’ D has at least one takeaway in 17 straight games, so no matter who their QB is, they’ve got a shot in every matchup.

#15 –  Las Vegas Raiders (6-5) +6000
After a stellar effort two weeks ago, Derek Carr took a step backwards against the Falcons last weekend. Can they really count on Carr in the driver’s seat?

#16 – San Francisco 49ers (5-6) +7500
San Fran is moving to Arizona to play their next two home games (at least). Will the move matter in a season with little home field advantage?

#17– New England Patriots (5-6) +10000
They’re scoring under 20 points a game – not good enough in today’s NFL. Will Cam Newton ever return to his MVP form?

#18 – Minnesota Vikings (5-6) +12500
WR Justin Jefferson is looking like a big-time player. But it’s the Vikings 26th-ranked defense that will need to step up if they hope to make the playoffs.

#19 – Philadelphia Eagles (3-7-1) +12500
In the division that nobody wants to win, the Eagles are still somehow the top-ranked team, according to the oddsmakers. Who will limp to the finish line first?

#20 – New York Giants (4-7) +15000
The Giants are building some decent momentum with 3 straight wins, but a hamstring injury to Danny Dimes might slow them down a little.

#21 – Washington Football Team (4-7) +15000
Three TD’s last weekend for emerging star RB Antonio Gibson gives Washington hope for the future – and they’re not out of it for 2020 just yet.

#22 – Chicago Bears (5-6) +20000
Quarterback woes continue, as Mitch Trubisky looked rusty in his return to the starter’s role. The Bears will need to rely on their D to get any crack at Super Bowl 55.

#23 – Dallas Cowboys (3-8) +20000
An emotional time in Dallas as the team lost a key coach. They could also rally and come together to close out the season strong.

#24 – Houston Texans (4-7) +30000
Two straight W’s has the Texans climbing 5 spots in the power rankings this week. With Deshaun in charge, you never know…

#25 – Carolina Panthers (4-8) +50000
After this weekend’s bye, the Panthers might already be on the outside of the playoff race.

#26 – Atlanta Falcons (4-7) +75000
A huge win over a tough Raiders team has the Falcons crowing. Short of a few close losses early in the year, this would be a playoff team.

#27 – Denver Broncos (4-7) +75000
After a bizarre QB-less loss to the Saints, 3 of the team’s signal-callers are back in action. But will it matter against the Chiefs?

#28 – Detroit Lions (4-7) +75000
It’s regime change in Detroit as the head coach was just canned. With QB Matthew Stafford also struggling, the team is in tough for the remainder of the season.

#29 – Los Angeles Chargers (3-8) +75000
Austin Ekeler is finally back. Let’s see if he can push the Chargers over the hump in their close games, which have usually ended with a loss this season.

#30 – Cincinnati Bengals (2-8-1) +200000
No Joe, no go. On the bright side, the team will have a high draft pick – maybe some O-line help to keep Burrow from getting pummeled?

So who you got? Playing it safe means going with Kansas City and Pittsburgh in the AFC, but who knows what might happen in the wide-open NFC.

Overall, it’s still anybody’s race and a middle of the pack team can pay out real nice if you pick them right.

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