NFL Power Rankings Week 11

NFL Power Rankings - Week 11


Bovada NFL Power Rankings Week 11

It’s Week 11 and the Bovada Power Rankings are here to give you the odds for the potential winner of Super Bowl 55.

After a rocky week for the top teams in Week 10, some of them composed themselves last weekend while others, like the Seahawks and Ravens, are still showing some signs of weakness.

Let’s check out where things shake out this week and who our oddsmakers like to take it all the way.

#1 – The Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) +325
The Chiefs are coming off a bye and are primed for a deep postseason run.

#2– Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0) +500
The men from Steeltown just rolled the Bengals to keep their unbeaten dream season alive. Who can stop them?

#3 – New Orleans Saints (7-2) +600
Another convincing win keeps New Orleans in the top 3. But with Drew Brees now out, can they keep it up?

#4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) +700
Angry Brady avenged the Bucs’ rent skid, hanging 46 on the Panthers. Let’s see if he can stay mad.

#5 – Green Bay Packers (7-2) +900
Green Bay just signed All-Pro LT Bakhtiari to the biggest deal ever for his position, giving Rodgers some extra security as he seeks another Super Bowl.

#6 – Baltimore Ravens (6-3) +1100
Dropping two spots this week, Baltimore needs to show they can become an elite team again.

#7 – Seattle Seahawks (6-3) +1400
A surprise loss to the Rams suddenly makes the Seahawks look a little more vulnerable. Still, they have the talent to go far.

#8 – Los Angeles Rams (6-3) +1600
A solid performance over Seattle has the Rams back in contention. Can Jared Goff regain his Super Bowl form for the rest of the season?

#9 – Arizona Cardinals (6-3) +2000
Hail Murray is the highlight of the year, and the Cards are still a tough matchup on both sides of the ball.

#10 – Buffalo Bills  (7-3) +2200
The Josh Allen Experience still hasn’t put together 4 good quarters in one game, but the Bills can win any game and should take the AFC East.

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#11 – Indianapolis Colts (6-3) +2500
A convincing win has the sneaky Colts tied for the division lead in the AFC South. They’re on the upswing while the Titans are heading in the opposite direction.

#12 – Tennessee Titans (6-3) +3000
Tennessee has lost 3 of their last 4 games… does anyone remember the Titans’ 5-0 start? Their season needs a turnaround but they still sit atop the AFC South.

#13 –  Las Vegas Raiders (6-3) +4000
A rout of the Broncos gives Las Vegas three straight wins. Oddsmakers aren’t ready to put them into the top 10 just yet though – more consistency is needed.

#14 – Miami Dolphins (6-3) +4000
Five straight W’s? Last season they tanked for Tua, but it’s looking like a winning strategy, and the Dolphins are looking good.

#15 – Cleveland Browns (6-3) +6600
They won a low-scoring yawner against Houston – not enough to move the odds towards grabbing a Super Bowl slot, that’s for sure.

#16 – Minnesota Vikings (4-5) +6600
This is Dalvin Cook’s team, and they’ll go as far as he can take them. Could it be all the way to Tampa in February?

#17 – Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1) +8000
Despite a loss to the Giants last weekend, Philly is still first in the NFC East and it’s still anybody’s ballgame from that division.

#18– New England Patriots (4-5) +9000
Two wins in a row has the Pats walking a little taller. RB Damien Harris can be a difference-maker as the weather cools off and the run game heats up.

#19 – Chicago Bears (5-5) +10000
Now with 4 straight losses, the Bears are not out of it, but they’ll need much more from their offense, and now Nick Foles might be out for a while.

#20 – San Francisco 49ers (4-6) +10000
The San Francisco second-stringers just don’t have the manpower to overcome all their key injuries. Let’s see if a late-season comeback is still possible.

#21 – Detroit Lions (4-5) +15000
Matt Stafford’s banged up hand doesn’t help matters, and the Lions look poised to keep a long playoff drought going.

#22 – Atlanta Falcons (3-6) +20000
It’s a tough sked ahead for Atlanta; 6 of their remaining 7 opponents have winning records.

#23 – New York Giants (3-7) +20000
The Giants are making a push – in the NFC East, what counts as a push anyway – for the division title and a playoff spot. And then anything can happen.

#24 – Carolina Panthers (3-7) +25000
The Panthers ran into a focused TB12 last weekend. They’ll need some help to turn this season around and make the playoffs.

#25 – Dallas Cowboys (2-7) +25000
A bye week has given new QB Gilbert more snaps with the first team offense, while Andy Dalton is also active. Can one of them rescue the sinking ship?

#26 – Los Angeles Chargers (2-7) +30000
Seven losses in their last 8 games means the Chargers face a real uphill battle for the remainder of the season – but Justin Herbert keeps ‘em close in every game.

#27 – Washington Football Team (2-7) +30000
A loss to the Lions last weekend means Washington is down, but not out, of the top spot in the NFC East. Let’s see what happens when Alex Smith gets a few more starts.

#28 – Denver Broncos (3-6) +50000
The up-and-down Broncos were down last week, leading to a fading chance of making a serious move in the power rankings.

#29 – Houston Texans (2-7) +50000
They managed just 7 points against the Browns, with a DeAndre-sized hole at wide receiver and an injured David Johnson.

#30 – Cincinnati Bengals (2-6-1) +75000
The Bengals got steamrolled by the unbeaten Steelers, and they’ll need to keep Joe Burrow intact for next season with better protection.

#31 – Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) +200000
Trevor Lawrence is within the Jags’ sights now, having lost 8 in a row.

#32 – New York Jets (0-9) +250000
QB Joe Flacco gets the start coming off a bye week as the Jets head to LA – maybe they’ll stop by Trevor Lawrence’s place on the way, just to say hello.

From Hail Murrays to Angry Bradys, each week in the NFL seems to be getting more exciting and more unpredictable.


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Let’s keep rolling on the road to the Super Bowl!