2022 NFL Schedule | All Games For Each Week

2022 NFL Schedule All Games

Ahead of the next season beginning on September 8, the full 2022 NFL schedule has been announced; it’s time for the 2022 NFL Season hype to begin! Now we know the all the dates and games for each week, here you can find every NFL game for the 2022 season. Beginning with Week 1 and ending with week 18, here’s the full NFL schedule for 2022.

Week 1 Schedule

Thursday, September 8

Bills at Rams

Sunday, September 11

Saints at Falcons

Patriots at Dolphins

Ravens at Jets

Panthers at Browns

Eagles at Lions

Steelers at Bengals

Jaguars at Commanders

49ers at Bears

Colts at Texans

Giants at Titans

Packers at Vikings

Raiders at Chargers

Chiefs at Cardinals

Buccaneers at Cowboys

Monday, September 12

Broncos at Seahawks


Week 2 Schedule

Thursday, September 15

Chargers at Chiefs

Sunday, September 18

Panthers at Giants

Dolphins at Ravens

Patriots at Steelers

Jets at Browns

Commanders at Lions

Colts at Jaguars

Buccaneers at Saints

Falcons at Rams

Seahawks at 49ers

Cardinals at Raiders

Texans at Broncos

Bengals at Cowboys

Bears at Packers

Monday, September 19

Titans at Bills

Vikings at Eagles


Week 3 Schedule

Thursday, September 22

Steelers at Browns

Sunday, September 25

Saints at Panthers

Texans at Bears

Chiefs at Colts

Bills at Dolphins

Lions at Vikings

Ravens at Patriots

Bengals at Jets

Raiders at Titans

Eagles at Commanders

Jaguars at Chargers

Rams at Cardinals

Falcons at Seahawks

Packers at Buccaneers

49ers at Broncos

Monday, September 26

Cowboys at Giants


Week 4 Schedule

Thursday, September 29

Dolphins at Bengals

Sunday, October 2

Vikings at Saints

Browns at Falcons

Bills at Ravens

Commanders at Cowboys

Seahawks at Lions

Chargers at Texans

Titans at Colts

Bears at Giants

Jaguars at Eagles

Jets at Steelers

Cardinals at Panthers

Patriots at Packers

Broncos at Raiders

Chiefs at Buccaneers

Monday, October 3

Rams at 49ers


Week 5 Schedule

Thursday, October 6

Colts at Broncos

Sunday, October 9

Giants at Packers

Steelers at Bills

Chargers at Browns

Texans at Jaguars

Bears at Vikings

Lions at Patriots

Seahawks at Saints

Dolphins at Jets

Falcons at Buccaneers

Titans at Commanders

49ers at Panthers

Eagles at Cardinals

Cowboys at Rams

Bengals at Ravens

Monday, October 10

Raiders at Chiefs


Week 6 Schedule

Thursday, October 13

Commanders at Bears

Sunday, October 16

49ers at Falcons

Patriots at Browns

Jets at Packers

Jaguars at Colts

Vikings at Dolphins

Bengals at Saints

Ravens at Giants

Buccaneers at Steelers

Panthers at Rams

Cardinals at Seahawks

Bills at Chiefs

Cowboys at Eagles

Monday, October 17

Broncos at Chargers


Week 7 Schedule

Thursday, October 20

Saints at Cardinals

Sunday, October 23

Browns at Ravens

Buccaneers at Panthers

Falcons at Bengals

Lions at Cowboys

Giants at Jaguars

Colts at Titans

Packers at Commanders

Jets at Broncos

Texans at Raiders

Seahawks at Chargers

Chiefs at 49ers

Steelers at Dolphins

Monday, October 24

Bears at Patriots


Week 8 Schedule

Thursday, October 27

Ravens at Buccaneers

Sunday, October 30

Broncos at Jaguars

Panthers at Falcons

Bears at Cowboys

Dolphins at Lions

Cardinals at Vikings

Raiders at Saints

Patriots at Jets

Steelers at Eagles

Titans at Texans

Commanders at Colts

49ers at Rams

Giants at Seahawks

Packers at Bills

Monday, October 31

Bengals at Browns


Week 9 Schedule

Thursday, November 3

Eagles at Texans

Sunday, November 6

Chargers at Falcons

Dolphins at Bears

Panthers at Bengals

Packers at Lions

Raiders at Jaguars

Colts at Patriots

Bills at Jets

Vikings at Commanders

Seahawks at Cardinals

Rams at Buccaneers

Titans at Chiefs

Monday, November 7

Ravens at Saints


Week 10 Schedule

Thursday, November 10

Falcons at Panthers

Sunday, November 13

Seahawks at Buccaneers

Vikings at Bills

Lions at Bears

Jaguars at Chiefs

Browns at Dolphins

Texans at Giants

Saints at Steelers

Broncos at Titans

Colts at Raiders

Cowboys at Packers

Cardinals at Rams

Chargers at 49ers

Monday, November 14

Commanders at Eagles


Week 11 Schedule

Thursday, November 17

Titans at Packers

Sunday, November 20

Bears at Falcons

Panthers at Ravens

Browns at Bills

Commanders at Texans

Eagles at Colts

Jets at Patriots

Rams at Saints

Lions at Giants

Raiders at Broncos

Chiefs at Chargers

Cowboys at Vikings

Bengals at Steelers

Monday, November 21

49ers at Cardinals


Week 12 Schedule

Thursday, November 24

Bills at Lions

Giants at Cowboys

Patriots at Vikings

Sunday, November 27

Broncos at Panthers

Buccaneers at Browns

Ravens at Jaguars

Texans at Dolphins

Bears at Jets

Bengals at Titans

Falcons at Commanders

Chargers at Cardinals

Raiders at Seahawks

Rams at Chiefs

Saints at 49ers

Packers at Eagles

Monday, November 28

Steelers at Colts


Week 13 Schedule

Thursday, December 1

Bills at Patriots

Sunday, December 4

Steelers at Falcons

Broncos at Ravens

Packers at Bears

Jaguars at Lions

Browns at Texans

Jets at Vikings

Commanders at Giants

Titans at Eagles

Seahawks at Rams

Dolphins at 49ers

Chiefs at Bengals

Chargers at Raiders

Colts at Cowboys

Monday, December 5

Saints at Buccaneers


Week 14 Schedule

Thursday, December 8

Raiders at Rams

Sunday, December 11

Jets at Bills

Browns at Bengals

Texans at Cowboys

Vikings at Lions

Eagles at Giants

Ravens at Steelers

Jaguars at Titans

Dolphins at Chargers

Panthers at Seahawks

Buccaneers at 49ers

Chiefs at Broncos

Monday, December 12

Patriots at Cardinals


Week 15 Schedule

Thursday, December 15

49ers at Seahawks

Sunday, December 18

Steelers at Panthers

Eagles at Bears

Chiefs at Texans

Cowboys at Jaguars

Lions at Jets

Cardinals at Broncos

Titans at Chargers

Bengals at Buccaneers

Patriots at Raiders

Monday, December 19

Rams at Packers

To Be Confirmed

Dolphins at Bills

Ravens at Browns

Colts at Vikings

Falcons at Saints

Giants at Commanders


Week 16 Schedule

Thursday, December 22

Jaguars at Jets

Saturday, December 24

Falcons at Ravens

Lions at Panthers

Bills at Bears

Saints at Browns

Seahawks at Chiefs

Giants at Vikings

Bengals at Patriots

Texans at Titans

Commanders at 49ers

Eagles at Cowboys

Raiders at Steelers

Sunday, December 25

Packers at Dolphins

Broncos at Rams

Buccaneers at Cardinals

Monday, December 26

Chargers at Colts


Week 17 Schedule

Thursday, December 29

Cowboys at Titans

Sunday, January 1

Cardinals at Falcons

Steelers at Ravens

Bears at Lions

Jaguars at Texans

Broncos at Chiefs

Dolphins at Patriots

Colts at Giants

Saints at Eagles

Panthers at Buccaneers

Browns at Commanders

49ers at Raiders

Jets at Seahawks

Vikings at Packers

Rams at Chargers

Monday, January 2

Bills at Bengals


Week 18 Schedule

To Be Confirmed

Buccaneers at Falcons

Patriots at Bills

Vikings at Bears

Ravens at Bengals

Lions at Packers

Texans at Colts

Titans at Jaguars

Jets at Dolphins

Panthers at Saints

Giants at Eagles

Browns at Steelers

Cowboys at Commanders

Chiefs at Raiders

Rams at Seahawks

Cardinals at 49ers

There we have all of the games for all 18 weeks of the NFL action. If you are looking for the dates and details for the next Super Bowl, then head on over to our Super Bowl 2023 guide. Throughout the 2022 NFL season, we will be covering all of action with betting previews, latest odds and much more so keep an eye out on out NFL articles! As always, you can enjoy NFL betting at Bovada; the best place for online betting! Be sure to head on over to check all of the 2022 NFL odds and more. Did you know, whilst betting with Bovada, you can actually bet with crypto?