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Will Trump Finish a Full POTUS Term?

Will Trump Finish a Full POTUS Term? - Bovada Sportsbook

The first month of Donald Trump’s presidency hasn’t exactly gone smoothly, leading to the posting of the political prop asking whether he will manage to complete a full term in office. And the slight favorite on those betting lines right now is the No side at -120, with Yes at -110.

For No to pay off Trump would have to resign or be removed from office. The only president to ever resign from the office was Richard Nixon, who quit during his second term with impeachment and removal from office looming due to the Watergate scandal. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were both impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate. Impeachment offenses are treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Trump has been under fire since he became president for conflicts of interest between his office and his business, plus links between him and his advisers to Russia and its president Vladimir Putin. But the Republican Party does have control of both the Senate and the House.


Two More Political Props on the Menu

 Moving on to a different branch of the government, there are also prop odds available on whether the U.S. Senate will use the so-called ‘nuclear option’ in order to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed for the Supreme Court. The No side of that wager is the -180 favorite, with Yes set at underdog odds of +150.

The nuclear option would eliminate the filibuster option for Supreme Court nominees, allowing the Republican majority to prevent the Democratic minority from indefinitely postponing Gorsuch’s inclusion on the country’s highest court. President Obama’s nominee for the opening, Merrick Garland, was blocked from getting a vote by the Republicans last year.

As well, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the +125 favorite to be the next justice to leave the Supreme Court, followed closely by Anthony Kennedy at +170. Clarence Thomas is then at +450 on those prop odds, with Stephen Breyer at +800, and each of Sonia Sotamayor, Samuel Alito, John Roberts, and Elena Kagan at +5000.

Ginsburg is the oldest justice at 83 years old, while the 80-year-old Kennedy has served the longest having been appointed by Ronald Reagan to the Supreme Court. Breyer is 78 years old, Thomas is 68, Alito is 66, both Roberts and Sotomayor are 62, and Kagan is just 56.


*Odds as of February 22, 2017


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