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What is a teaser?

What is a Teaser? - Bovada Sportsbook


You can reduce the risk in a parlay by placing a teaser instead. A teaser is a combination of two to ten football or basketball wagers. You adjust the point spreads and/or totals in your favor in exchange for a lower payout. When your teaser includes a point spread, you can decrease the spread for the favorite or, conversely, increase the spread for the underdog. When it includes a total, you can increase the “under” or decrease the “over”. As in a parlay, winning the bet is dependent on all of the wagers winning.


How to Place a Teaser

1. After logging in, click Sports to open the Bovada Sportsbook.

2. Select the desired sport from the left navigation panel. By default, the page will only show open events or those that have lines available for betting (either game lines or live betting).

3. Select your desired lines by clicking the appropriate boxes (up to a maximum of 10 point spreads and/or totals). Your selections will be added to the Bet Slip on the right side of the page.

4. Select ‘Teaser‘. Then, use the drop-down box to choose how many points you want to tease your selections by. The new “teased” spreads/totals will be displayed for your reference above the Risk and Win boxes of the Bet Slip.

5. Enter a risk amount in the box provided. Once you enter a risk amount, your total win amount is automatically calculated for you.

6. If you want to remove a line entirely from the Bet Slip before proceeding, click the ‘X‘ icon beside the selection.

7. Click ‘Review Bets‘.

8. Confirm the details of your teaser. If you want to proceed, click ‘Place Bets‘. If not, click ‘Edit to change the wager details.

10. Once your teaser is placed, you will reach a confirmation window with your final bet details, including your wager reference number.

11. Click ‘Continue Betting‘ to return to the lines page.


Teaser Payouts 

Your payout depends on the sport, the number of teams in the teaser, and the selected point adjustment.

Football Odds:

Teaser size:6 points:6.5 points:7 points:


Basketball Odds:

Teaser size:4 points:4.5 points:5 points:


Teaser Rules 

The following rules apply when you place a teaser.

1. You must select a minimum of two lines and a maximum of 10 to place a regular football or basketball teaser.

2. All of the lines must be point spreads and/or totals.

3. A tie, “Push” or “No Action” reduces the number of wagers (teams) in a regular teaser of three or more teams. For example, a four-team teaser with two ties reduces to a two-team teaser, and the payout is recalculated based on the reduced number of teams.

4. Two-team teasers cannot reduce, and so any two-team teaser with a “Push” or “No Action” plus a win will be graded as “No Action”, and your money will be refunded. Any two-team teaser with a loss will be graded as a loss.

5. With the exception of ties, all of the wagers must win for the teaser to be considered a win. If any one of the wagers loses, the entire teaser loses. There are no partial payouts.

6. Unless otherwise specified, games not played on the date or at the location specified are graded “No Action” and the teaser reduces to the next lowest number. The payout is recalculated based on the reduced number of teams.

7. You can’t include circled lines, futures, props, moneylines, first half (1H), second half (2H), and quarter lines (1Q, 2Q, 3Q, and 4Q) in teasers.


Cross-Sport Teasers

When you combine football and basketball lines in the same teaser, the number of points that you adjust point spreads and/or totals by must remain in the same category, as follows:
Football 6 points / Basketball 4 points
Football 6.5 points / Basketball 4.5 points
Football 7 points / Basketball 5 points


Sweetheart Teasers

A sweetheart teaser combines either three or four football or basketball wagers. The number of points that you adjust the point spreads or totals by depends on the sport and the number of teams in the teaser, as follows:


Teaser size:Tease by:Odds:
3-team10 points-110
4-team13 points-120



Teaser size:Tease by:Odds:
3-team8 points-110
4-team10 points-120


NOTE: This type of teaser never reduces. If one of the wagers results in a tie, the whole teaser will be considered a loss. If one of the picks is graded “No Action” (e.g., a rained-out game) and the rest of the picks are winners, the whole teaser will be graded “No Action” and will be refunded. Like a regular teaser, a loss in your sweetheart will make the entire wager a loss regardless of the outcome of the other selections.

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