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What is a single bet?

What is a Single Bet? - Bovada Sports

Single Bet

A single bet (sometimes referred to as a straight bet) is a wager on the outcome of a single event or game. Based on the line you select, either the outright winner, the point spread, or the combined scores of both teams determine winning the bet. Your payout is determined by the odds posted at the time you place the bet.


How to Place a Single Bet

1. After logging in, click Sports to open the Bovada Sportsbook.

2. Select the desired sport from the left navigation panel.

3. By default, the page will only show open events or those that have lines available for betting (either game lines or live betting).

4. Select your desired line by clicking the appropriate box. Your selection will be added to the Bet Slip on the right of the page.

5. In the Bet Slip, enter either a risk or win amount in the boxes provided. Based on what you enter, the total win or risk amount is automatically calculated for you.

6. Click ‘Review Bets‘.

7. Confirm the details of your single bet. If you want to proceed, click ‘Place Bets‘. If not, click ‘Edit to change the wager details.

8. Once placed, you will reach a confirmation window with your final bet details, including your wager reference number.

9. Click ‘Continue Betting to return to the lines page.


Single Bet Rules 

The following rules apply when you place a single bet.

1. You must place your bet on the outcome of a single event or game (i.e., you can’t combine bets).

2. Unless noted otherwise at the time of placing your bet, you win $100 for every $110 wagered.


Multiple Single Bets

You can place up to 20 straight bets simultaneously, all at the same time. The bets can be from the same or different sports, leagues, or portions of the game, and the wager amounts can be the same or different for each bet.

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