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Pat’s Got The Final Word On The NFL Playoffs

Pat Morrow's Expert Betting Insights for the NFL Playoffs - Bovada

It’s crunch time in the NFL and our Head Oddsmaker, Pat Morrow, wants to give you the inside scoop on every game throughout the NFL Playoffs, giving you the chance to cash in on the most exciting time of the football calendar.

From Wild Card Weekend all the way up to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on February 4th, Pat’s Expert Insights will feature the lowdown on every sudden death match up, with all the stats and data to back it up.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure to check out Pat’s Expert Insights on Bovada regularly ahead of each week for hot-off-the-press insights into what betting factors you should be focused on in one of the closest and most anticipated NFL post-seasons in history.


Pat’s Expert Insights Schedule

  • Wild Card Round: Thursday, January 4th
  • Divisional Round: Thursday, January 11th
  • Conference Championships: Thursday, January 18th
  • Super Bowl: Thursday, February 1st



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