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NBA Betting Basics as Season Gets Going

NBA Betting Basics as Season Gets Going - Bovada Sportsbook

The start of the NBA season brings a variety of wagering opportunities for both novice and veteran sports bettors. Whether you are simply picking the winner of tonight’s game or drilling down for hidden gems in season props and futures betting, NBA wagering offers you a wide variety of ways to build your stack.

The most popular forms of betting on the NBA can be found in the daily game lines. Similar to the NFL, point spreads are available on every NBA game, as well as moneylines and totals.

The difference between betting on the point spread and betting on the moneyline is important for novice bettors to understand. In point spread betting, you are wagering on the margin of victory in a game, while a moneyline bet is simply a wager on which team will win outright.

In the following example, the Boston Celtics are visiting the Cleveland Cavaliers as 6.5-point underdogs, which means that a Celtics outright victory, or a loss by fewer than seven points, would make a wager on them a winner at the sportsbook. Conversely, the Cavaliers must claim victory by at least seven points to reward their bettors.

Boston Celtics +6.5
Cleveland Cavaliers -6.5

But it is still possible to simply bet on Cleveland to win outright regardless of margin of victory, and that is where the moneyline comes in. In the following example, the Cavaliers are pegged as -175 favorites to win outright, which means you must bet $175 on Cleveland to win $100. Conversely, a successful $100 bet on a Celtics upset victory would win you a tidy $150.

Boston Celtics +150
Cleveland Celtics -175

As well, in totals betting you can wager on whether the two teams will combine to score OVER or UNDER a total number of points determined by oddsmakers.


Live Betting Options, Props, and Futures

NBA game line betting is dramatically enhanced by live betting options that let you wager on all elements of games in progress, including rapidly updated point spreads and moneylines.

Props betting opens up a world of wagering options on individual player performances including statistics like points per game, assists per game, and the number of triple doubles a player racks up in a season, as well as who will take home major awards like NBA MVP and NBA Rookie of the Year.

Team props enable wagering on how many games your favorite team will win, as well as whether or not they will make the playoffs.

And with futures betting you can wager on who claims this season’s divisional and conference titles, as well as which team will go all the way and take home the NBA championship.

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