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How to Bet on the Belmont Stakes

Betting on The 2018 Belmont Stakes: Everything You Need To Know

Justify will be looking to join elite company on Saturday afternoon when he leaves the post in the 150th running of the Belmont Stakes as a heavy 4/5 favorite vying to become just the 13th Triple Crown winner in American thoroughbred racing history.

The Bob Baffert-trained colt has been dominant while going undefeated in five career races, including victories at the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

But even with Justify’s clear edge over the field of 10 that will compete on Saturday at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York, a wide variety of betting options are available that enable both beginner and knowledgeable horse racing fans to get in on the excitement of betting on the Belmont Stakes.

When it comes to horse wagering, they are typically divided into two categories; straight wagers and exotic bets. Want to place a bet in the Belmont Stakes? Then take a look at our guide below on how to bet on the Belmont Stakes.


Belmont Stakes Straight Wagers

The most common type of wager to make during the Belmont Stakes is a straight wager. More commonly known as win, place, and show bets, straight wagers enable you to bet on a single horse finishing a race in the top three spots.

Betting on a horse to “win” typically provides the largest payday for the horse racing bettor, but that also requires the horse to finish first in their race—no easy feat!

“Place” and “show” bets are slightly more complex. To cash in on a place bet, the horse must finish in first or second, while a show bet pays out if the horse finishes in the top three. These bets however typically out on lower odds than a straight win bet.


Belmont Stakes Exotic Bets

With exotic bets, you can take your horse racing wagering game to the next level, with a variety of multi-horse betting options including exacta wagering, trifecta wagering, superfecta wagering, and boxed bets.

With an exacta wager, you can bet on which horses will finish first and second in a race, in exact order. For example, an exacta wager with Justify finishing first and Gronkowski finishing second is a winner only if those two horses finish exactly 1-2 in the race.

A trifecta wager lets you pick the exact order of finish of the top three horses, while a superfecta bet lets you pick the horses finishing first through fourth, in exact order.

Betting on the exact order of finish in a horse race is a massive challenge, even for the most seasoned sports bettor. But you can tilt the odds in your favor with boxed bets that enable you to make multiple exotic bets on the same horses.

For example, boxing that exacta wager on Justify and Gronkowski on the Belmont Stakes betting lines means that you can cash in if those two horses finish top two, in any order. The same principle applies to a boxed trifecta, which covers all possible orders of finish of your three favorite horses.

But since boxing a bet is just like making several individual exotic bets on the same horses, it comes at an added cost, with the amount wagered doubling with a boxed exacta, while a boxed trifecta wager covering six possible orders of finish increases the cost of a $5 trifecta wager by six times to $30.

No matter the bets, the 2018 Belmont Stakes is set to be one of the most exciting races of the year.


*Odds as of June 7, 2018

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