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Trump Favored on 2020 USA President Odds

Trump Favored on 2020 USA President Odds - Bovada Sportsbook

Donald Trump isn’t even halfway through his first year as the President of the United States, and the road so far has been rocky for the former businessman. However, the odds to win the 2020 United States Presidential Election nevertheless have Trump listed as the betting chalk.

Trump is the +300 favorite on the odds to be elected president once again in 2020, having claimed the office in 2016 by picking up 304 Electoral College votes despite earning just 46.1 percent of the popular vote. His challenger, the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton, managed to pick up just 227 Electoral College votes in the upset loss, but won the popular vote at 48.2 percent.

Still, Clinton isn’t expected at this time to challenge Trump for the office once again in 2020, and she’s listed at +2500 on those betting futures. Instead, it’s the Democrats’ Elizabeth Warren that is sitting third on the odds at +900. The 67-year-old senator from Massachusetts declined to challenge Clinton for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2016.

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders did challenge Clinton for the Democratic Party’s nomination last year, falling short of earning the spot on the ticket. The 75-year-old joins Warren at +2000 odds to win the United States Presidential Election in 2020. New Jersey Democratic senator Cory Booker is also at +2000 on the betting lines; the former mayor of Newark is 48 years old.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama sits at +1400 odds to win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, although she’s currently showing no interest in holding political office. Former Vice President Joe Biden is back at +2500 on the betting lines. Like Warren, Biden declined to compete for the Democratic Party’s nomination against Clinton in 2016; Biden is 74 years old.

Rounding out the top Democratic odds for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election are then former mayor of San Antonio and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro – considered a rising star in the party is at +4000 and Virginia senator Tim Kaine, at +3300. Kaine was Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 campaign, and is also the former Governor of Virginia.


Pence, Ryan Headline Other Republicans

As for the other Republicans, Vice President Mike Pence has the top non-Trump odds on the list at +700. Pence, though, would be unlikely to run for President unless Trump leaves office early or declines to run for re-election. The 57-year-old Pence is the former Indiana Governor.

Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, is at +2800 odds, with Florida senator Marco Rubio at +3300 odds. Rubio lost to Trump in the Republican primaries. Fellow primary loser Ted Cruz is at +5000 odds, with John Kasich even farther back at +6600.

Other on the list include Mark Zuckerberg at +5000, Oprah Winfrey at +10000, Mitt Romney at +6600, Dwayne Johnson at +10000 and Tom Brady at +30000.


*Odds as of May 18, 2017

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