Frontlines: Pick-Sixes Dominate Week 6 Betting

Week 6 turned out to be very good for NFL bettors, but it took some late dramatics for certain teams to cover. That includes our new Super Bowl XLIX favorites, the Denver Broncos. They were 10-point road favorites against the New York Jets, and they were up 24-17 when the Jets took possession in the final minute. Pinned deep in his own end, Geno Sm... Read More

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From stunning comebacks to favorites faltering, there’s been some dramatic action in the NFL this season. With the halfway point just around the corner, things only get more exciting from here on out. To help take your football experience to the next level, Bovada Sportsbook is bringing back the NFL Parlay Series with three week’s worth of bonuses, worth over $10,000, to keep you in the action... Read More
School is back in session and that means the best of college football are ready to get back on the field. Be at the top of the class this year with Bovada by your side and show your school spirit with Survive the Semester. It’s very easy – enter Survive the Semester and bet at least $25 on college football every week of the season, from August 27 to November 29, to get a 15% cash back bonus, up... Read More
The time has come for you to round up your troops and lead them onto the field. They are your Referral Squad and they can score you a $10,000 Super Bowl bet. All it takes is getting your friends to join the action and get in on the game with Bovada. It’s easy and there are prizes to be won every week of the season. If you refer one friend between week 1 and 17, you get entered into a draw for an... Read More
Football players train all year to battle on the gridiron and make it through the season as the ultimate champions. After you’ve waited all year to hop off the bench and get back in the game, the time has finally arrived. Once again, Bovada will give you a chance to survive alongside your favorite teams and players and show you have what it takes to emerge victorious with some extra cash in your... Read More